Priority Joker: Unleashing Speed with 70-Tooth Sprocket & Carbon Drive Belt

Speed Uncompromised, Unleashed

From the surreal hum of the velodrome to the electric rush of a crit sprint, the track is a unique domain with its own exhilarating language and pulse. And if you've got a thirst for the concrete or wooden oval, you might just find the Joker is your new best friend.

The Joker – no brakes, no chain, no compromise. Forget the frivolity associated with its namesake, this machine is for those who chase speed and glory, and it does not joke around. With its impressive, even audacious, 70-tooth front sprocket, it's built for one thing: pure, unadulterated speed.

That high-performance Gates CDX Carbon Drive belt at its core ensures smooth power delivery, providing a consistent and ultra-responsive ride that makes standard chains seem prehistoric. And with no track slack, no rust, and no grease, you'll find a level of efficiency that's a joy to experience.

It's not just about that drive though, is it? That 70-tooth sprocket, paired with a 22-tooth rear cog, becomes a visual anchor that commands attention. This configuration is designed to make you fast, to shoot you out of the gates like a bullet, but with the grace and finesse of a dancer.

The double-butted 6061 alloy frame is a marvel in itself. Light and stiff, it responds like a creature with its own will when you navigate those tight bends and sweep through the straights. That's the kind of performance you need when the podium is the only place you want to be.

Add in the 60mm-deep carbon rims, the bolt-on hubs, the fixed rear hub – these are the characteristics of a beast that refuses to be tamed. When it's time to go, the Joker does not hesitate.

The 20mm setback seatpost and the full carbon tapered fork contribute to an overall design that seems almost predatory in its intention. Agile, honed, and eager to spring into action, this bike is an embodiment of track speed.

The Goodyear Eagle F1 tires, part of their Road UHP range, are optimized for straight line speed and cornering competence. They pair superbly with the rest of the build, favoring outright performance that truly resonates when you're on the attack.

Despite all this, the Joker weighs in at just 16 pounds, a featherweight champion that holds its own with absolute pride. Yes, this bike comes without pedals, and without brakes, but this is no drawback. It's a statement of intent. It's for riders who know their track, who sense their line before they even take it, and who don't have time for anything less than total commitment.

Overall, the Joker isn't for everyone. But for those who have the track in their blood, for those who feel the burn of the sprint and the thrill of the ride, it's a perfect beast. It is a machine that commands respect and delivers results. So go on, saddle up, and see what it feels like to hold the Joker's hand.


  1. No Chain, No Grease: The high-performance Gates CDX Carbon Drive belt provides an ultra-responsive ride, with no track slack, rust, or grease. This results in a clean, efficient ride that outperforms standard chains.
  2. Powerful Front Sprocket: With a 70-tooth front sprocket and a 22-tooth rear cog, the Joker is built to generate high speeds with minimum effort.
  3. Lightweight and Stiff Frame: The double-butted 6061 alloy frame is light and stiff, providing a responsive ride that's great for speed and maneuverability on the track.
  4. Quality Components: The bike comes with 60mm-deep carbon rims, a full carbon tapered fork, and Goodyear's Eagle F1 tires, which favor outright performance, straight line speed, and competent cornering.
  5. Race-Optimized Design: The Joker is built specifically for track racing, with a brakeless design and race-specific geometry that's built for speed.


  1. No Brakes: The lack of brakes is common in track racing bikes, but it limits the usability of the Joker to controlled racing environments. This isn't a bike you can take out on the road.
  2. Requires Skill and Experience: The Joker, due to its powerful gearing and brakeless design, is not suited to beginners. Riding this bike at high speeds requires skill and experience.
  3. No Pedals Included: The bike doesn't come with pedals, so you'll have to buy them separately. This could be seen as a con, although many serious cyclists prefer to choose their own pedals.
  4. Price: At $1,299, the Joker may not be accessible to everyone. While the cost reflects the high-quality components and design, it's still a significant investment.
  5. Maintenance of Belt Drive: While the belt drive system is efficient and clean, it might be challenging to service or replace parts in some areas, as it's less common than traditional chain drive systems.


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