Ekoï Carbone 28 Glasses: Mastering Lightweight Comfort and Stable Performance

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Picture yourself on a winding backcountry road, your bicycle tires crunching on gravel as you push towards the crest of the hill, a golden summer sun warming your back. It's in these moments, when the asphalt's heat shimmers just beyond your peripheral vision and your surroundings merge into a kaleidoscope of blur and motion, that you realize how vital it is to have a faithful companion. No, I'm not talking about your fellow riders, or even your trusty bike. I'm referring to something seemingly smaller, yet infinitely impactful — the Ekoï Carbone 28 sunglasses.

There's an exhilarating sense of freedom as you lean into the sharp curves, the wind whistling past your ears, and it's in these critical moments that you truly appreciate the Ekoï's exceptional lightweight design. At a mere 28 grams, these glasses are featherlight, almost ethereal on your face. It's as though they merge with you, becoming an integral part of your cycling persona.

The strength and stability of these spectacles is a marvel. The alloy frame, a marriage of Carbon and GrilamidTR90, promises unparalleled rigidity, yet it also whispers a soothing comfort into your ears. The balance is sublime — as if the creators of these shades were alchemists, blending durability and comfort in just the right proportions.

The aesthetics are nothing to sneeze at either. They boast an understated elegance, a svelte sportiness, and the subtlety of design that enhances the unique personality of the wearer. Each pair is a singular masterpiece, with its own distinct visual appeal due to the distinctive finish from the injection molding process.

But, let's cut to the chase — the true beauty of the Ekoï Carbone 28 lies not in its design, but its performance. These glasses are not a mere accessory. They're a tool, honed for high-stakes races and grueling practice sessions. Whether you're jostling for position on the cobbled roads of Paris-Roubaix, sprinting towards the finish line, or flying down mountainous descents, they offer stability and protection, serving as your faithful sentinel.

To sum it up, the Ekoï Carbone 28 glasses are not just an eyewear option for cyclists. They're a fusion of aesthetic and functional mastery, a companion that, once tried, you'll wonder how you ever managed without. Take it from Victor Lafay, the dashing winner of Tour de France's Stage 2. When the rubber hits the road, you want to be wearing the Ekoï Carbone 28.


  1. Incredible Lightweight Design: At 28 grams, these glasses are remarkably light. This means they're comfortable to wear for extended periods, and won't add to the weight a rider has to carry.
  2. Unparalleled Rigidity: Thanks to the Carbon/GrilamidTR90 alloy frame, these glasses promise unparalleled rigidity. This ensures they're durable and can withstand the rigorous conditions of competitive cycling.
  3. Exceptional Stability: Whether on the cobbles of Paris-Roubaix or in a sprint, the Ekoï Carbone 28 glasses promise absolute stability. This is a valuable quality in an athletic accessory.
  4. Universal Fit: These glasses have an enveloping anatomical shape that should fit all faces, making them a versatile choice for both male and female riders.
  5. Wide Field of View: The wraparound, hyper-protective lens offers a broad vision field. This is particularly important in cycling, where peripheral vision can mean the difference between winning and crashing.
  6. Unique Visual Appeal: Each pair of glasses features a unique visual look, thanks to the injection molding process. This gives each pair a certain cachet.


  1. Price: At $159, these glasses may not be affordable for all riders, particularly those just starting out in the sport.
  2. Potential Comfort Issues: While these glasses are designed to be comfortable, their unique design might not work for everyone. Some riders may find the glasses don't sit well on their face or interfere with their helmet.
  3. Potential for Damage: While the glasses are designed to be stable and rigid, cycling is a high-impact sport. Accidents happen, and there's always the risk that the glasses could break or be damaged.
  4. Limited Style Variations: Given that each pair is uniquely finished, if a rider particularly likes a specific style, they may not be able to find it again if they need a replacement.


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