EasyBreath Full-Face Snorkel – Normal Snorkels Suck

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Breathing underwater with a snorkel can be difficult especially if you've never done it before. Aside from having a snorkel jammed into your mouth and having to breathe though it, you also have to be careful not to lean your head too much or risk water getting into your lungs. Non of these problems exist with the TRIBORD Easybreath. Unlike the traditional snorkel, the Easybreath is a full-face mask that allows you to breath underwater naturally as if you were on land.

It's comfortable to wear and thanks to its clever design, water won't get into the mask even when it is completely submerged as the air intake is blocked. And because there's good ventilation from breathing, the mask is prevented from fogging up. You also get a 180º field of vision.

More info £34.99

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